Why Podcasting?

If you’re anything like me, you want to tell a story to the world. You have values, ambition, and a killer product or service, and you want to run to the top of a mountain, throw your arms wide, and just scream about it to the whole world. What if there were a better way to do that, without the sweat, dirt, and feeling out of breath? A few years ago, I stumbled across podcasting. It was just in the beginning stages of being the next Big Thing, and I was asked by a couple of friends to be their co-host on a podcast about a popular, long-running TV show. Because I had dabbled previously in college radio and loved this particular TV show, I decided to give it a go. Over the next 3 years, my eyes were opened to the wonder and possibility of podcasting. It led me to my current Communication studies at Simon Fraser University. I learned that it is a very effective medium for telling my story (and the story of others, but more about that in a minute). And it even introduced me to my life partner. At first, it kind of felt like we were yelling into a void. But rather quickly, we developed a following that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of downloads, a far-reaching social media network across multiple platforms, and the chances to interview heavy hitters in this TV show’s community. We discovered a huge network of other podcasters, other fans, and even clients (including our Patreon supporters). This led me to realize…I love this stuff. The networking, the story telling, the laughs, the joy we bring our listeners, even the audio editing that no one else wants to do. So, why am I not helping others get into this medium that I love so dearly? And more importantly – why aren’t you getting into it? You’re an entrepreneur, maybe a writer or a coach. Or you’re an expert on something that no one else is – the best way to pickle carrots, or how to engage more women in science. Whatever you do, you can use podcasting to your advantage. Perhaps you haven’t been reaching people in a more organic way, and your numbers are suffering. Maybe you’re bored with your current marketing strategy, and you just want to try something new. Maybe you just love the sound of your own voice (and you should!). I can help you tap into new markets, new audiences, rediscover old audiences, and help you find the parts of your expertise that excite you so much you just want to burst and tell everyone about it. Podcasts became super popular in the late 2000s, early 2010s, but the idea of podcasts goes back to the 1930s. Think about the radio DJs you’ve listened to on a regular basis. Think about that grainy, vintage photograph you saw in your history textbooks, depicting families huddled around their radios as big as nightstands, as they waited for any news about the ongoing Second World War. We have always wanted to tell our stories and get others excited using audio media. And now, with the internet, you can harness that medium for yourself, build yourself a following, draw new clients/customers to your products and services, and engage with your audience in a different way. And I am here to help you. I do the things you don’t have time for. I help you with strategy. I edit your audio, upload your files, manage your hosting (an RSS feed? What’s that? Don’t worry about it – I got you). You tell your story, but I help you distribute it. How exciting is it that we live in this time when so many things are possible? It’s never been easier to reach hundreds and thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people. People who are just waiting to hear your message, your expertise, and your story. Together, we can learn and grow and reach those eager people.

I’m so excited that you have stopped by and I can’t wait to get started with you.

August 10, 2017